Test Beam Documentation


The development of complex detector systems requires large test experiments, which typically are performed at test beam facilities either at CERN or at DESY. These experiments are intrinsically complex and include participants from several institutes and many pieces of equipment.

The goal of this website is to provide an information and communication framework for the test beam activities in which the user will find information on the facilities, the available experimental installations, and the interfaces that have been designed to allow combined test experiments. This will ensure a complete documentation and a consistent structure of the information related to the infrastructures developed within the AIDA project.

A second goal is to provide support for combined tests of detector prototypes, by supporting the development and documentation of specifications of all components and services in order to make sure that the prototypes that are using the infrastructures are compliant with those specifications and can operate together.

A third goal is to ensure an up-to-date access to public information stored in the DESY and CERN EDMS.